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<— this was really cool. The first time I was published in International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene.




Gen Q masthead<—— this is just as cool

this is a close up of the masthead of the May/June issue of Generation Q Magazine.

This still feels kind of surreal and cool.
visit Tracy visit Megan

And next month I actually get to meet them. Just color me pink and call me auntie!

Happy Quilting!



Ponder 1Well 2014 is moving along at a quick pace. It’s the end of April, May is around the corner and I’m taking a moment to reflect and be grateful for 2014. Part of 2014′s Word of the Year, Ponder.
May brings Quilt Market. This will be the first time I’m attending. This is one more of those “peeking under the bed and seeing the Christmas Presents” moments. I’m giddy. There are things to do between now and then for both myself and Generation Q.
As part of the pondering I adopted a 2nd word of the year “leap”. Well I’m leaping, going to jump right into the puddle with both feet. When I got to Market I will have book proposal in hand and have an appointment with a publisher. If it works with this publisher great, if not there are others. Yes, you read that correctly. Book. Proposal. I’m excited and kinda freaked out.

When I made the little quilt with my word of the year I chose the tree because I liked the image. Did you know that for every inch of tree you see above there is an inch of tree below the surface. This embroidery speaks to me – kind of resembling the twists and turns of this year. It is the twists and turns that give the quilt, the tree, my quilting experience character. Well, I’m off to be a character, work on the proposal and go to work.

Have a quilterly day!


CAM00837Her comment, “I like you Teri, you’re a little twisted.”
One of my very favorite Authors said this.
What prompted her comment? Well Marie Bostwick posted a photo of her coffee cup with the quote, “Please do not annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you.” “that would be kinda fun” says I. Yep, I said it. I just invited Marie Bostwick to off me in one of her books. She has a new book coming out April 29th titled Apart at the Seams – part of her Cobbled Court Quilt series.
She’ll be at the City Quilter on Saturday May 10th.

Marie’s right, I’m a little twisted
<—that proves it.

Happy Quilting!


star-quilt-10-may-08I was going through old pictures this morning to see if there was anything I could use for a completely unrelated post. I found what I needed. Hooray! Woot! Woot! Happy Dancing!
As I searched I found this quilt that eventually went to the NQA Auction.
I know before it left it had a name for the life of me I can not remember what. I was trying to piece one of Jinny Beyer’s patterns. I wasn’t quite getting how to set in the squares and setting triangles, it was a hot mess.
Eventually I finished it, being pleased with the end result.
Note: this is another quilt where the seam ripper was my best friend not only unstitching quilting but in aiding the piecing process. One of these days I’ll attempt the full pattern again. When I have time.

have a quilterly day!



hand dyed fabric 002These fabrics are calling me.
Yes they are. I’m thinking another mini/pieced something. Or a whole cloth.
yeah that’s probably it, or not.
Oh I don’t know there are so many ideas that ramble through my head that sometimes I feel like my brain is on a roller coaster.
I’m thinking thinking thinking then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa throwing my hands up in the air – well that’s what I want to be doing. Actually these pieces are heading to my to-do list over the next month. Yes they are.
My to-do list is rather long these days but I’m grateful that I have a to-do list, doing the thing I love: quilting!

Wednesday’s to-do list is accomplished. Thursdays is limited as I have limited time before I go to work.
Have a great quilterly day!


I am going to make a mad dash to finish a few projects by mid/end of May.
This is going to be me on quilting

Day out with Melly Thumbs upand blogging

I’m finishing a few blog posts

And me getting ready to submit some stuff

And me just being happy because I love what I get to do

feather tutorial heading backI love that I get to quilt and try new things

I just saw a sneak preview of a quilt I designed

it’s so pretty, I could just cry!

I have to wait to show it but it’s so bleeping cool.

Happy Quilting!


a reminder of my dmil


I watch CBS Sunday Morning whenever I remember, the news stories are well thought out, there’s a bit of fun in the reporting and who doesn’t love listening to Charles Osgood speak?
This mornings Profile of Pharrell Williams caught my attention.

Most of us know Pharrell’s song Happy.

the interview though, was spectacular. Pharrell is not only “Happy” as the song suggests, he’s grateful.
He’s grateful for those people in his lifeĀ  who have influenced and guided him – from his Grandmother who encouraged him to purse his music to all of the band leaders in school. He’s grateful for his business partner and all of the things they’ve done together.
He’s grateful for the things that haven’t gone well.
He’s grateful.
And he’s happy.

I like that.
Happy Quilting!



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