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Lisa and I will be doing a couple of videos showing how to use rulers on your home sewing machine sometime in January. In the meantime check out Lisa’s blog post.

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I am not a cold weather person but I think I would prefer snow and cold to this dismal rain.  We here at the Calle house are officially decorated for the holidays!


this little pig stands guard at our front door.  Surely he is scary enough to terrify any would be intruder.. ok, maybe not.

When I was in Houston for Festival, I got a lot of question about my rulers and whether they would work on a sit down machine.  Yes, yes and yes!!!!  You can use the rulers on a domestic machine with care just as you need to take care when using them on a longarm.  Like anything else, there will be a learning curve but ask any longarm quilter and they will tell you there was a learning curve when they first started using them on a longarm.  Patsy Thompson of Patsy Thompson Designs did a…

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fridge words

Waking up early has it’s benefits. I’m sitting at my dining room table sipping coffee, looking out my kitchen window and watching a beautiful sunrise creep up over the trees and telephone wires. The winter colors are much more subtle than summer but beautiful and inspiring none the less. Color ranging from a light to mid gray into peach and orange against the black of the trees. Sigh. This is why I love sunrise and sunset. It’s full of color that makes me happy. While I would have preferred to sleep this morning enjoying coffee and the sunrise bring a smile to my face and get me thinking about quilting.

I have magnetic words on my fridge. Have for years. Every once in a while I notice them and rearrange them. As I did so this morning the thought came to mind that I’d like to get a magnetic board for the quilt room and have words on there to rearrange an play with. That’s a some day, down the road kind of want. words on fridge writer

The image on the left is the current arrangement of some of the inspiring words. The image on the right is more editorial type words from some company. I find it rather amusing that these words fit one component of my quilting life that I just love: content, branding, style, words, print, copy, proposal, create. I can tell you this I love Melissa and Jake and every editor I’ve worked with over the last few years. So much so that I personally declare Tuesday December 16 National Publisher and Editor Day. If you’re a writer of any sort send your publisher and editor a Thank you note, in a text, an email, hand written, on their facebook wall.

thank youAs we get closer to the end of 2014 I would like to take this opportunity to

Thank You

for reading TerfiCreations.

I am grateful that you stop by and read the words I write. Thank you for coming along on this Journey of quilt making.

Happy Quilting!



photo courtesy C&T Publishing

I’ve just really started reading The Little Spark 30 Ways to Ignite You’re Creativity by Carrie Bloomston published by C&T. I wrote a review on the Generation Q website that you can read here. Reading to write a review and reading to absorb are different. Reading to write a review is rushed and hurried. Reading to absorb is quite different, it’s slower. I can stop and enjoy, think about what’s being read. I can stop to spend some time doodling, think about my quilt space and upcoming projects or doodle for a bit.

There is something about the sense of encouragement that really resonates with me. As I read I keep thinking, “This!” and “This!”  There are a couple of other books lately that I’ve had that same connection with. I’m liking that connection.

Carrie begins talking about space and how it’s set up, claiming some space as your own and keeping things in there related to your creativity. Keeping things out of there that belong in some other space in the house. Our space as quilters is important. This is the space where we make quilts. Where the work of our hands becomes a gift of our heart that will be shared.

I’m thinking about other quilt spaces I’ve been in, friends spaces that are all tidy and organized. Then think of mine with some sense ill ease. The thing is when I get there, despite the creative clutter I can do good work. This is where things get complicated; I like the idea of a clean tidy space where I can get my hands on everything however my creative brain doesn’t quite work that way. I like seeing my stuff. I like seeing quilts in progress and all the bits that go with them. What I’m not quite fond of is not being able to find a few things…and I can work on resolving that.
There are things in the space that can and will shortly move to other spaces. Over the next few days I’m going to make a plan and figure out how to make better use of my space and honor the fact that I like a bit of clutter. What I’m realizing I don’t like is mess and that’s where I am at the moment. I will have a free day and a plan soon. I’m looking forward to it. I think this will help me sort out stuff for the book as well.

CAM02012One of the things I’ve found very helpful for writing blogs and writing words for the book is changing my physical space. I’ve moved from the living room to the dining room table. Somehow it feels more conducive to getting the words on to the pages. Clearing some space in my brain. I feel more productive. Which in this regard is a great thing. That will help as I move forward with meeting goals and hitting due dates well.

And I’m making some scheduling changes at work that will help with this as well. As of the first of the year I am no longer working on Fridays. Part of this has to do with writing the book, part of this is to give me more space to teach at the store. Look for more quilting related classes to be added over the next few months. I can tell you there will be a paper piecing class (the project is sweet and has options), a quilting lab where you can come in and quilt for the day with suggestions from me and the other students, and I’m adding a whole cloth class. I haven’t schedule in dates yet but will post as soon as they’re on.

Happy Quilting!


Teri Lucas Terificreations:

Here is Lisa’s post

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Congratulations to Tatyana Duffie!!!!  You are the winner!!

Email me at lisahcalle@me.com with your address so I can send you your Twin Size batting donated by Olde City Quilts, your 2 1/2 yd cut of Radiance donated by Teri Lucas and the Quilter’s Groove™ ProMax™ and Pro™ rulers donated by me.

Moon Set copy

Here is Teri Lucas gorgeous Moon Set!

Ok, as many of you know I had a setback in my quilting this year with a bad neck so I haven’t finished mine.  :(  However, I am still working on it… I am also using my BERNINA 750QE to quilt it on.  This means that there is a huge learning curve.


Hope you all had fun with this challenge!

Don’t forget the 12 days of Christmas sale going on at Stone House Quilting.

Happy Quilting


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It was with great pleasure that I delivered Moon Set to it’s new home.Moon Set Relived describes well the big chunk of emotion experienced. I made my intended delivery date and completed one major task before moving on to a new one.
Using a great variety of thread just makes me happy. I don’t always know how the end project will look and I kind of like that surprise.

Lisa Calle whole cloth challenge quiltLisa is still working on her quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing how she finishes this. She has a great start. Learning how to quilt on a domestic sewing machine isn’t easy after you’ve been a long arm quilter for a long time. Learning how to long arm isn’t easy after you’ve been a domestic machine quilter for a long period of time. Hey wait! What? I hope I wrote that correctly. Either way you go it’s all about practice, practice, practice. When Lisa finishes her quilt I’ll do something of a splash and give her a gift.

I’ve enjoyed every single quilt that has come in to Lisa’s site. The link takes you to all of the quilts. Lisa and I spoke to each other on the phone the other day hit the random number generator and let that select a whole cloth quilt to win. Lisa and I are both very happy that we didn’t have to choose this on our own.
The random number generator selected 32 and here it is:
TatyanaDuffie whole cloth challengeCongratulations Tatyana Duffie!
Tatyana receives a 2 1/2 yd cut of Radiance (compliments of Teri Lucas), a twin size batting (thank you to Olde City Quilts) and two rulers, the Quilter’s Groove™ ProMax™ and the Pro™  compliments of Lisa Calle.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project. We’ve loved every single moment of it.

Happy Quilting!


thread rackI just ordered thread for my Road to California students. Looking out my window this afternoon makes me even more excited to hit the Road. Get it. Road. Hahaha! It’ll be sunny and warm and brighter than NY City. Looking out my window there is snow. SNOW. Did you know that snow is a four letter word?

True story I grew up in Maine, we had winter. I would sled and skate like any other kid from Maine. Then, one day this Maine girl moved to Georgia and discovered that in Georgia there are flowers blooming year round. Year round. Flowers. Flowers mean color. Guess what this kid loves! Not winter, that’s for sure.yellow-orange-mum-flower

I’m getting punchy. Up a wee bit too early and working steady all day. I’m writing a blog post for the magazine for tomorrow – it’s a book tour I like those. There are some outstanding quilt books on the market.

Anywho. Thread is ordered, kits are in the works. This is one happy teacher.

Happy quilting!



The Presser foot is interchangeable with any BERNINA hopping foot

One of the questions from my previous post asked about the BERNINA long arm, to please give my thoughts. Note: today’s photos are linked from the BERNINA website, I have none of my own from the Ambassador Retreat as I was busy stitching happily along.
First thought, “it’s a BERNINA, how could I not love it?” Well there was that strong possibility that I would not love it so much. It might not be quite right.
Over the years I’ve stitched on lots of long arms at quilt shows wondering if the long arm was the way to go, because “you can’t do that on a home sewing machine.” There is a difference between the long arm and the domestic machine and essentially it’s do we move the pencil over the paper or move the paper under the pencil. I’m heading out a step further and saying that I think that essentially the movements are the same, it’s the layout of the quilt. That layout does make a huge difference for a lot of people. So if quilting on a domestic isn’t working, the bulk of a quilt is hard to handle then by all means work on a long arm. I will say that with some practice I could switch back and forth between the two. (Pssst – there’s that word again, Practice)

Q 24 User Interface

A bit about the Q 24: the user interface should look quite familiar. It’s about the same as you’d find on the computerized BERNINA’s making navigating around quite easy. The background color and texture are changeable and a welcome greeting can be programmed in. Not a high priority but fun.

There are 3 BERNINA Stitch Regulator Modes; BSR 1 and BSR 2 are the same as on the home sewing machines and BSR 3 is a basting stitch, and there is a Manual Mode.

Any of the BERNINA hopping feet will fit on this machine so you’ve got your choice of feet. This machine uses home sewing machine needles so it’s unlikely that we’ll run out and if we do, goodness gracious it’s just a trip to our local quilt shop for what we need.

Q 24 side shot featuring the bobbin winder, thread stand and programmable handles


The threading path on this is quite easy beginning over and slightly back from the user interface. It’s similar (with some differences) to a home sewing machine. BERNINA has incorporated the needle threader making that part a snap. The Bobbin winder is on board, place the bobbin on the winder, follow the thread path and fill that sucker up. The bobbin goes in like any other push-in bobbin and on this machine the door closes.

I’ve mentioned I quilt as much by sound as I do by sight. Partly what I’m listening for is the speed of the machine and the bobbin. On my 1080 I could hear when the bobbin was running out and most of the time I can on the B 780. The sound of this long arm is similar to the B 780 and the 1080. There’s something just right about it. I could listen to it all day.

And the movement. . . this long arm moves with ease and finesse. I was doing some of my teeny tiny pebbles while we were stitching on them. As a teacher I will tell you that stitching around the motifs on the fabric is one of the best ways to practice and that’s what I started out doing, just stitching around the motifs on the fabric loaded onto the frame. I was getting fairly close to being on those lines with little effort, with some serious practice I’d be there soon.

quilting practiceIf I had the foot print for the machine the Q 24 would be my long arm of choice. There, I’ve said it. I like this long arm just based on the features I’ve shared here.

The one quilting photo from the retreat I can share is this one. We were learning more about the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (on the home sewing machine) and I started stitching this out. you might notice that some of the words are going left to right and some are going right to left. Yep, I can write backwards.
Just like learning to write cursive well took us some time, learning to quilt well will take some time. Either way…have fun.

Happy Quilting!




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