star-quilt-10-may-08I was going through old pictures this morning to see if there was anything I could use for a completely unrelated post. I found what I needed. Hooray! Woot! Woot! Happy Dancing!
As I searched I found this quilt that eventually went to the NQA Auction.
I know before it left it had a name for the life of me I can not remember what. I was trying to piece one of Jinny Beyer’s patterns. I wasn’t quite getting how to set in the squares and setting triangles, it was a hot mess.
Eventually I finished it, being pleased with the end result.
Note: this is another quilt where the seam ripper was my best friend not only unstitching quilting but in aiding the piecing process. One of these days I’ll attempt the full pattern again. When I have time.

have a quilterly day!



hand dyed fabric 002These fabrics are calling me.
Yes they are. I’m thinking another mini/pieced something. Or a whole cloth.
yeah that’s probably it, or not.
Oh I don’t know there are so many ideas that ramble through my head that sometimes I feel like my brain is on a roller coaster.
I’m thinking thinking thinking then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa throwing my hands up in the air – well that’s what I want to be doing. Actually these pieces are heading to my to-do list over the next month. Yes they are.
My to-do list is rather long these days but I’m grateful that I have a to-do list, doing the thing I love: quilting!

Wednesday’s to-do list is accomplished. Thursdays is limited as I have limited time before I go to work.
Have a great quilterly day!


I am going to make a mad dash to finish a few projects by mid/end of May.
This is going to be me on quilting

Day out with Melly Thumbs upand blogging

I’m finishing a few blog posts

And me getting ready to submit some stuff

And me just being happy because I love what I get to do

feather tutorial heading backI love that I get to quilt and try new things

I just saw a sneak preview of a quilt I designed

it’s so pretty, I could just cry!

I have to wait to show it but it’s so bleeping cool.

Happy Quilting!


a reminder of my dmil


I watch CBS Sunday Morning whenever I remember, the news stories are well thought out, there’s a bit of fun in the reporting and who doesn’t love listening to Charles Osgood speak?
This mornings Profile of Pharrell Williams caught my attention.

Most of us know Pharrell’s song Happy.

the interview though, was spectacular. Pharrell is not only “Happy” as the song suggests, he’s grateful.
He’s grateful for those people in his life  who have influenced and guided him – from his Grandmother who encouraged him to purse his music to all of the band leaders in school. He’s grateful for his business partner and all of the things they’ve done together.
He’s grateful for the things that haven’t gone well.
He’s grateful.
And he’s happy.

I like that.
Happy Quilting!


tulip surpriseSpring and Autumn are my times of the year.

I love the color.

hyacinth bloomsI love the fragrance.

I love feeling the earth come alive with glorious beauty once again

dogwoodthe tulips start blooming

and daffodils

hyacinths and


the seedum changes color

the mocking birds build a nest in our arbor and serenade us

And I am renewed

And grateful

Happy Quilting!


cherrywood star go miniYou may not know this about me but I’m 5′ tall. (This comes in very handy at the shop where I work – I can demonstrate what 1 2/3 yards looks like rather easily.) So going mini in piecing was an eventuality. My quilts have gotten smaller and smaller over the last few years. They take a long time but they’re smaller.

Let’s start with the class description: If great things come in small packages, then miniatures quilts are the greatest! We will learn to confidently piece  blocks from either 1″ or 3/4″ strips and take the mystery out of piecing and/or quilting the smallest of quilts. Go Mini or Go Home makes great use of the patchwork foot and free-hand embroidery foot (open toe quilting foot) and learning how to make simple adjustments on our machines for the greatest success.binding by machine quarter inch foot corner

I went mini on a lark. Melanie Testa gave me some of her printed fabric, these are 8″ squares an I wanted to do something fun with them and I wanted to finish quickly. Ahem.

I thought I’d share with you a few tips:

1) The ruler is our best friend – and a fresh rotary cutting blade. Oh and a new machine needle. Then there’s the full bobbin and good piecing thread (like Aurifil 50 wt or MasterPiece or even Bottom Line if you’d like)

2) Being mindful of what we’re doing is key – let me add that for the class I’m not going all quilt police on your seams and points – I’ll give some direction as needed and maybe encourage you to use your seam ripper but i won’t make you do it
CAM001033) choosing colors is fun – I have these gorgeous Cherrywood color runs but you can have whatever you’d like. Large Scale prints can even be used. What you say? Why yes they can – the patterning will be a bit of a surprise but they can be used. If you want some help before the class begins please feel free to send me pictures of your fabrics

4) Do you have to finish in class? No. I just won’t make you do it. Whether I teach piecing or quilting working at your own pace is essential. If you get one full block done during class I’m thrilled to bits!!!

5) Toward the end of class I’ll give some quilting tips!

like sit at your machine, breathe, blink and stitch!
or stitch in every ditch
you can copy my homework!
trapunto is fun!
this is a great place to add a wee bit of embellishment
shocking pink and lime green are the best colors ever!


Happy Quilting!





Congratulations to Winners #4 Doreen and #6 Ellen

Congratulations to Winners
#4 Doreen and
#6 Ellen

First up this morning our thanks to the Random Number Generator our winners

#4 Doreen and #6 Ellen

Please contact me: terilucas at gmx dot com with your snail mail address and I will send you some fabric!  And when you’re ready we’ll have that quilt consult. Congratulations!CAM00756

Sometimes it’s just really cool to reminisce – look at images from ages ago – enjoy that moment again and think quilterly thoughts. Such is the process right now I’m looking at the images I’ve shared before of the Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens here in the Bronx. There was a display set up to show the process for making these buildings. And I’ll tell ya it is a painstaking process from design to finished building. We get to enjoy the beauty of the finished product. I appreciated being able to see the process. In the display there was a building that didn’t work for the artist. I don’t remember if it was obvious why but it didn’t. But it was there for us to see.
CAM00206As a teacher & mentor I often encourage students to make extra blocks to test color and tension on as they get started quilting. This gives us an opportunity to see what the quilting will look like and decide if this is going to be what works or not. If not we know pretty quickly – like in the first 100 stitches or so. The pink pebbles would have just overwhelmed the quilt in this picture. Stitching this out allowed me to Look and See and make a good decision about thread color and weight.
Now go quilt your world!



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