tulip surpriseSpring and Autumn are my times of the year.

I love the color.

hyacinth bloomsI love the fragrance.

I love feeling the earth come alive with glorious beauty once again

dogwoodthe tulips start blooming

and daffodils

hyacinths and


the seedum changes color

the mocking birds build a nest in our arbor and serenade us

And I am renewed

And grateful

Happy Quilting!


IMG_0423When quilting goes well the back and the front both look good.
That’s our goal as quilters.
I love the back of Tilde. I love the subtle play of color of the gray on the yellow/orange.
Did you know that my original intention was to use a bright teal blue on the back?
I wanted that dancing color contrast. You know where you see movement.
As I started quilting the teal kept popping up to the front. I’d tweak the tension.
Blue popped to the front.
After the 5th time I quit using the blue and switched to the gray.IMG_0422
The blue was a 50 weight cotton; the gray is a 60 weight polyester. A lighter thread.
Thread change – no more pokies – a happier quilter.Happier Quilt.

happy quilting!


PS wait til you see Keith’s next quilt!

Aside from letting you know when I’m teaching I refrain from talking about things that happen at work. In part because most of the time it’s helping quilters choose fabric, helping customers purchase machines, find the right fabric for a pattern their making or teaching free-motion machine quilting. Though I do get very excited when a quilter has that light bulb moment and just gets it. That to me is the best moment ever.
We had a bit of a slow moment the other day allowing me to spend a bit more time with a customer. She needed a dress for a party, a limited time to get it made and needed a simple pattern that one of the seamstresses we recommend could turn around in two weeks. Amy (not her real name) had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted and truthfully she’d look beautiful in whatever she chose. Like all of us there is this one thing holding her back from getting the style of dress that she had in mind because…  After looking around at fabrics and choosing a gorgeous green silk with some pink undertones (one of those lovely reversible silk that could be pink with green undertones), we set that aside and went to look for patterns. I showed Amy the patterns giving her a little direction of where to look then helped a few other customers. When I returned I helped her look, pointing out a few patterns that would work. Because Amy had a clear idea of what she thought she needed to do – well she hesitated. We both agreed on one pattern but it was the same problem – it needed this one thing to be perfect. Well.

with Gen Q Mag at the City quilterI’m going to pause here and share something with you.
I am a
short (I can’t do anything about this)

fat (I have struggled with weight for-ever! and please don’t make this a food/exercise issue it’s not entirely that)

quilter (and a pretty good one at that)

I’ve said this for a long time to one of the teachers at work. It really bothered her until I explained that this is not a put down of myself on my part. It is a statement of reality and an acceptance of what is. After years and years of up and down weight and struggling with it I just finally decided to stop beating myself up and be happy with myself. I am beautiful just as I am. Once the teacher realized where my mind and heart are she stopped chiding me.
I shared this with Amy and did the whole visual. I stood up, showed her where I like to wear skirts in the summer – shocking! above the knee – and told her that I wear them because I like them. I’m comfortable. What else really matters? I went on to say if the style of dress that you like is going to allow you to feel beautiful and pretty then go for it. No one is really going to be looking at (insert whatever here). They will see your beauty and your confidence. And THAT is more important than anything else.
Amy left to go shopping and get the dress she wanted. She had a huge smile on her face and walked out with a great sense of confidence and purpose.
I did ask to see a photo of her in her dress I do hope she comes back in.

Dear Quilters – this is the one thing I hope to, want to, desire to instill in you as I teach.
This is hard won on my part.
This is hard won on anyone’s part.
Be confident, act confidently.
Know that the skill will come over time.


Go quilt your world!


PS – this post isn’t about ME, or Amy. This post is much about how our words effect others. I have said things I’m not proud of either. A quilter recently posted on fb that someone told her that because she uses patterns she’s not creative. She was hurt deeply. I nearly went ballistic. I did comment on this and I’m very glad this was not said in my presence because I’m not sure I could have held my tongue or said something charitably.


melly new fabs 5Melly new fabs 2Melly new fabsI must admit that whenever I get my hot little hands on Melanie’s printed cloth I go all giddy. Last July Melly gave me some of her printed cloth and I made a quilt that has yet to be quilted.

Melly New fabs 4There is something different in Melanie’s work now. The colors are richer, somehow more joyful and speak who I know of Melanie to me. It’s vibrant and joyful. Not that the cloth wasn’t before, it was, it’s just richer, deeper, clearer.
There were originally 6 pieces of cloth, I gave one away to someone who’s been very encouraging over the last few months and has had a few struggles herself. I can say that it brought a smile to her face!  Mission. Accomplished.
melly new fabs 3I am looking forward to making something beautiful with this. I have a project in mind for a demonstration I’m doing in about 6 weeks.

Happy Quilting!



at play center for blogdance bang head 1777@play, I shared the first part of her story here.
And the second part of her story here.
I mentioned that my friend AEF offered her support throughout the design and quilting process. Invaluable. Just simply invaluable.
I did a bit more planning with this quilt, as you can see to the right I have a plan. Yeah, that’s it was a plan. I did stay true to the plan. What AEF mentioned and I agree with is that in the design the flying geese stand out, on the quilt not so much. I’m okay with that. Well kind of. You know that list? Well this quilt is on there twice, I’d like to see what this looks like on chocolate. Wouldn’t you? Deep rich, chocolate-brown.

@play is as close to an intimate, personal, intense conversation that I will ever have with most folks. Without going into a lot of detail I’m an introvert, shocking I know. Meeting me might give evidence to the contrary. But I am. Trust me.
So I knew that in the white sections I would stitch line after line after line after line. Please don’t ask me about that orange (one of my very favorite colors and helps ground the quilt). I sure could have used Debby Browns quilts Radio Edit and Frustration. All the “behind the scenes” stuff with this quilt actually matters in that in spite of what was going on with me at that moment I finished it. I poured my heart into every stitch of this quilt. A quick glance at the quilt might give the impression that it’s disorganized and discordant. Like a traditional quilt it has a border but just because it’s there doesn’t mean that I need to pay attention to it. It’s my quilt, it’s my rules.
The spider’s web had to change as through the stitching, thread troubles.
The bottom where the orange is had to change, thread troubles.
I have a fascination with making quilting motif’s really tiny, and of course I had to stitch teeny tiny bubbles, with 100 weight silk thread.
I had to stitch my swirling feathers.
I have a fascination with nautilus shells.
I listened to this quilt and bleep it was vocal.
I added detail throughout the quilting choosing motifs that made sense and changed things up with I got bored (see the straight lines to curvy lines on the lower left side).
I loved stitching 30,000 bananas and a play on Victorian Feathers.
I opened my heart to the quilting world.
Here it is.

Happy Quilting!



day trip 015Okay, okay. I know this is summer but 




So taking a look at this what block would you chose to make and how would you use the colors?

Happy Quilting,


garrison landing treeWest point from Garrison landingThere are many, many people who love winter. They find the cold, snow, the gray days, the lack of light and blah. Even though winter is not my favorite season. (Hello! I’m a quilter! I LOVE COLOR) botanical gardens with Misty 139
I was mesmerized by the ice floes on the Hudson. I’d seen them all over the news in the last few weeks. Today they seemed to be moving north.We stopped in Garrison Landing and Cold Springs to see them.

I am in the process of tidying up and doing some rearranging of the sewing room. Reason 1 – somehow I’d blocked the heating vent making the room unbearably cold shivering when quilting is not my favorite thing. No.
Reason 2 – I want to move my ironing board and iron nearer to where I stitch – with the piecing I’m doing walking around the cutting table just isn’t efficient. Reason 3: I’m organizing things differently. I’ve been very inspired by Debby Brown she’s an organization nerd, her words.

nybg orchid 6Happy Quilting!


CAM00208corner stoneThey frequently have something to say giving you information about the direction they intend to take on this journey together.
When I started quilting Quantum Leap I thought that hot pink would work in the green strips.  Turned out not so much. The color disagreed with me vehemently. Jeanie confirmed that the pink wasn’t working. That color was set aside for another project.
When something isn’t working with your quilt

Happy Quilting!

corner stoneI read this letter from Kurt Vonnegut to a group of students from Xavier High School here in NY
In particular it is this passage:

Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.

That speaks to this quilters soul.
Dear Quilters I can not add to Mr. Vonnegut’s words of wisdom here.
I can only offer that our own inner negative voices are an important part of who we are as quilt makers.  They give us information to help us grow and become and understand the places that can use some improvement.
Just go create quilts for the sheer experience of doing it.  Mr. Vonnegut goes on to say:

You will find that you have already been gloriously rewarded for your poem. You have experienced becoming, learned a lot more about what’s inside you, and you have made your soul grow.

Change the word poem to quilt and enjoy the experience of learning.

Happy Quilting,


CAM00315Dear @play,

Enjoy your journey to Portland for a visit to the Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival.  Portland is a great city (home of some amazing architecture, donuts, views and PEOPLE) and I think you’ll enjoy it.  From conception (thanks AEF) to finishing the binding the 2nd time Thursday morning at 2:43 AM you have been so important to me.  I am very grateful to Vicki Anderson of Machine Quilting Unlimited for inviting me to create you.  And to Gregory Case for photographing you and confirming for me that you are indeed square and revealing to me something more about who you are. Your design is something completely new to me and is a composite of so many ideas that I’ve wanted to use in a quilt for a very long time.
You helped me through a really rough moment in life bringing both great joy and some serious frustration.  Thank you for both.

Greet every one you meet with a smile.  There will be quilters who love you and will complement you – thank them.  Gratitude is important in the world of quilting and in life.  There will be quilters who don’t particularly care for you or don’t like you at all – thank them too, appreciate their honesty.  There will be quilters who don’t quite get you, draw them in let them look.  You will touch their hearts, you’ve touched mine very, very deeply.

Like every other quilter who has ever entered a show, my heart travels with you.  I send it with you freely and unreservedly.  Enjoy the ride dear quilt, enjoy the ride.



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