hand dyed fabric 002These fabrics are calling me.
Yes they are. I’m thinking another mini/pieced something. Or a whole cloth.
yeah that’s probably it, or not.
Oh I don’t know there are so many ideas that ramble through my head that sometimes I feel like my brain is on a roller coaster.
I’m thinking thinking thinking then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa throwing my hands up in the air – well that’s what I want to be doing. Actually these pieces are heading to my to-do list over the next month. Yes they are.
My to-do list is rather long these days but I’m grateful that I have a to-do list, doing the thing I love: quilting!

Wednesday’s to-do list is accomplished. Thursdays is limited as I have limited time before I go to work.
Have a great quilterly day!


I am going to make a mad dash to finish a few projects by mid/end of May.
This is going to be me on quilting

Day out with Melly Thumbs upand blogging

I’m finishing a few blog posts

And me getting ready to submit some stuff

And me just being happy because I love what I get to do

feather tutorial heading backI love that I get to quilt and try new things

I just saw a sneak preview of a quilt I designed

it’s so pretty, I could just cry!

I have to wait to show it but it’s so bleeping cool.

Happy Quilting!


Congratulations to Winners #4 Doreen and #6 Ellen

Congratulations to Winners
#4 Doreen and
#6 Ellen

First up this morning our thanks to the Random Number Generator our winners

#4 Doreen and #6 Ellen

Please contact me: terilucas at gmx dot com with your snail mail address and I will send you some fabric!  And when you’re ready we’ll have that quilt consult. Congratulations!CAM00756

Sometimes it’s just really cool to reminisce – look at images from ages ago – enjoy that moment again and think quilterly thoughts. Such is the process right now I’m looking at the images I’ve shared before of the Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens here in the Bronx. There was a display set up to show the process for making these buildings. And I’ll tell ya it is a painstaking process from design to finished building. We get to enjoy the beauty of the finished product. I appreciated being able to see the process. In the display there was a building that didn’t work for the artist. I don’t remember if it was obvious why but it didn’t. But it was there for us to see.
CAM00206As a teacher & mentor I often encourage students to make extra blocks to test color and tension on as they get started quilting. This gives us an opportunity to see what the quilting will look like and decide if this is going to be what works or not. If not we know pretty quickly – like in the first 100 stitches or so. The pink pebbles would have just overwhelmed the quilt in this picture. Stitching this out allowed me to Look and See and make a good decision about thread color and weight.
Now go quilt your world!


Aurifil smilieI still love the smilie face Donna from Follow That Thread gave me on the end of a thread spool! If you are in need of an Aurifil fix Donna is at MQX in Manchester NH this week and will be at the Northern Star show in May. YAY!!!

Upcoming events:

Monday May 12, 2 p.m. Hartsdale Fabrics If the Foot Fits – Use it!
I’ll be demonstrating a number of feet for the machine that we, as quilters, wouldn’t generally use in quilt-making.

Saturday May 24, 10:30 a.m. Hartsdale Fabrics If the Foot Fits – Use it

May 15 – 17 (? – finalizing details): Quilt Market -  Pittsburgh – (through Saturday Morning)

Sunday May 18 – Turtle Creek Quilt Guild -  Free Motion Machine Quilting and Lecture

June 12 – 15 – Minnesota Quilt Show & Conference

Still working on a couple of other events that I’ll be able to share as soon as dates are finalized.
random rainbow

Tomorrow I’ll announce the winners of the feather challenge.
What did they win, you may ask? A quilt consult and 1/2 yard of fabric! That’s right, I will mentor you through machine quilting a quilt of your choice. This will all be done via email over a 3 month period.

Later this year there will be another challenge offered with another quilter. We’re working out the details of said challenge and will post details when we can.

happy quilting!


Brand Ambassador BadgeA couple of weeks ago all of the BERNINA Ambassadors received a link to their interview on YouTube. Here’s a link to the whole group.  And a link to my interview. The interviews were done when we were at the Reunion in December. We had such a great time learning about the different feet and machines and what they can do! I am really honored to be a BERNINA Ambassador.  At the shop where I work and one other (I’ll let you all know dates) I’ll be hosting a class featuring presser feet we can use in our quilts. I’ll be doing this one other place as well and I’ll let you in on that just as soon as I’m able.


coffee mugsA couple of years ago while I was recovering from surgery I spent a lot of time drawing coffee cups.  Oh heck I just spent a lot of time drawing. I needed to do something since I could not quilt.  (It was during this time I realized that quilting is a full-contact sport!)
I had so much fun with these. They were all unique and I could be whimsical and impractical in design – note the crazy handles! Drawing (no matter how “bad” you think anything looks) is a great way to figure out how to quilt something.

coffee mugs 002I’m thinking – when I have a moment of free time of creating some of these beauties in cloth. A little background fabric, a little Mistyfuse, a hot iron, a little batting and thread and voila! a quick project.

To quote Josie (my Garmin Nuvi) in her Elfred voice, “thinking! thinking!”

coffee mugs 005The other class I’m considering is a quilted clutch or small purse. It’s something we could do in a one day class, maybe even a two day class. I have always enjoyed making my own unique totes and purses. They’re always the right size. There’s some electric blue faux suede at work that’s just calling my name.

Happy Quilting!





dance bang head 1975I’m a wee bit off my rocker.

Check out this Monty Python Vid.

It just made me laugh.

1/2 of today’s quilterly goals were met. I need to process images and finish writing. My body is demanding a bit of rest.

So I’m giving in and resting a bit.

Coming up soon

some fun quilting! And a prize winner


Happy Quilting!


B 780 back inside of projectI’ve been sneak peeking this on what this project might be. I posted it here as the back of the quilt.

Well after some very careful consideration it made sense to make this the front of the quilt.BERNINA Ambassador clutch marking the clasp

As my quilts often do this one surprised me. what I once thought was the back has once again become the front. This time I didn’t argue.
I didn’t even want to. this side is far prettier than the linen side and makes much more sense than I thought.
I have one more piece of quilted linen that will become a zippered tote to hold pens and pencils.

I’ll show you that when it gets done.

I know, I know it feels like I’m teasing you when I say I’ll show the finished project when I can. Just to entice you to keep coming back. Well I’d like you to come back and read the blog because you like it, the bonus and teasers are just part of the fun.

happy quilting!


B 780 back inside of projectwith the backs of quilts

they tell us a lot

about the quilter

about her choices

about the tension of the machine and her understanding

(and yes I’m using her – I’m very well aware of the male quilters)

The back tell us if she was paying attention to her quilt

The back tells us her preference for thread and it’s influence on her.

The back gives us a glimpse into her heart and mind.

The quilt back show is about the size of a fat quarter.

The back is dupioni silk – this quilter loves how color pops on the black.

I used both polyester and linen thread on the back and the front.

I loved the change in the nautilus giving it a bit more depth.

And I’m writing a pattern for this – this is for BERNINA – this will be made into something else, directions written and a pattern made with pictures.

There will be a blog on something else as well. More when I can.

You all know I much prefer to share with you right away but I must hold back right now.

Happy Quilting!


IMG_0423When quilting goes well the back and the front both look good.
That’s our goal as quilters.
I love the back of Tilde. I love the subtle play of color of the gray on the yellow/orange.
Did you know that my original intention was to use a bright teal blue on the back?
I wanted that dancing color contrast. You know where you see movement.
As I started quilting the teal kept popping up to the front. I’d tweak the tension.
Blue popped to the front.
After the 5th time I quit using the blue and switched to the gray.IMG_0422
The blue was a 50 weight cotton; the gray is a 60 weight polyester. A lighter thread.
Thread change – no more pokies – a happier quilter.Happier Quilt.

happy quilting!


PS wait til you see Keith’s next quilt!

Ellen Craig feather full quiltI have to tell you I do like getting these feather via email. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning and getting a new coloring book and crayons. You remember that new box of crayon smell right? It’s kinda like that new car smell. There’s something quite inviting, enticing about that smell drawing us in for more.Ellen Craig feather close up
Ellen sent these the other day. Thank you! You did a great job. Made even better because you stitched them out on satin or Radiance – something shiny and slick.

We know that feathers aren’t the easiest things to stitch out.
Reality Check: all quilting motifs are hard until we figure out how to stitch them out on our own. Ellen Craig feather 1
The beautiful thing is that when we stick to it, keep going, try feathers again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
If I do anything when I blog
If I do anything when I teach
If I do anything through email or Lucy’s Nickles
I want to encourage you to try something new. Oh forget the something new, try something! Make little quilt sandwiches and just stitch!
Ellen did.
What will I see from you?

Happy Quilting!



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