daiwabo fabricsI’ve deliberately destashed over the last few years letting go of fabrics that were once intended for tote bags. While these fabrics meant something for the tote bags they were not fabrics I’d use in quilts. It was work to be sure and worth the effort. What remains is fabrics I will use in quilts. Solids, hand dyes, Radiance, Batiks and a heavy dose of thread.

hand painted fabricsThis weekend I went on kind of a fabric buying binge and I couldn’t be happier. It all started with a visit to Jane Davila’s booth and these 11 fat quarters of hand painted fabric. Sigh. Oh just sigh. Next I went to Follow That Thread to see Donna Morales-Oemig’s booth. Donna lives in eastern Massachusetts, where they got a little bit, like over 100 inches, in an 8 week period. Bonus! Donna did some snow dyeing.

snow dyed radiance donnaSo, I’m at the booth, looking and staring at these pieces of snow dyed radiance in this glorious orange and shades of pink. I nearly had to get the bib out of the purse because these things are so freaking beautiful. I bought one, I bought the second one. There was one more I had my eye on. Hmm…at this point I’m not coming back to the show. Do I? Don’t I? Um, no…maybe some other time. I come home a happy camper.

Last minute decision Sunday morning. I’m heading back to the quilt show. I’d started playing with fabric for another project and am kind of excited to see where this will go. I’m using Paula Nadelstern’s Fabracadabra line, the idea for the quilt came from her lecture. I have a feeling I’ll need more yardage from this line. Oh darn. Fabric Shopping!!!

And then, oh then. I’m in Pinwheels booth. I love the hand of Daiwabo fabrics. Oh my. So you see that fat quarter tower in the upper left of this post? Yeah. That. Well, I went back to Donna’s booth to talk with her and introduce her to a friend of mine. And there was that piece of snow dyed Radiance next to two pieces of Kona cotton that were snow dyed at the very same time. Yes I bought it. Then a funny thing happened. I met Diana Louie and a friend of hers. Who loved the fabric. I showed her the other two pieces. Yeah, they’re gorgeous but, that Radiance. oh my. So I did the only thing a quilter could do. I let her take it home and I bought one of the pieces of Kona. I do need quilt backing for the Radiance after all.

So a little fabric, and a little thread. In a few days I’ll post pics of a few of the quilts.

Happy Quilting!


Moon Set copyIn a recent conversation with a friend we both had questions for one another. Most of her questions answered fairly easily. My question of her is something I know the answer to in several ways however I’ll be asking for comments later.
I’m going to preface the question with a little background for those who are recently reading my blog and a couple of classroom experiences.

I started quilting in my early 20’s learning mostly from patterns, magazines, and the basic sewing skills learned at home and in home ec. I have all the classic stories:
sliced the edge of my finger with a rotary cutter (as an aside this is an effective way to share with newbie quilters…I don’t have to say much and they get the PSA),
stitching my finger on more than one occasion, stitching safety pins to quilts,
over spraying with basting spray (nothing like Kimmy Brunner’s but still),
I’ve been a pin thief, I’ve made quilts from patterns and made up my own,
I’ve used icky batting,
bent and broken needles,
cracked more acrylic rulers than I cared to admit,
had a machine tech get irritated with me because there was lint in my machine (geez, seriously, lint…I quilt just about every day). Alright it was a lot of lint…but I’ve seen worse? I think.
I learned that using the good stuff makes a huge difference.
I’ve learned that not being afraid of my machine is a key component to good quilting.

I’ve learned a lot on my own, like so many other quilters I know. I was part of user groups back in the day and learned a lot from the experiences of the other quilters in those groups…internet groups, blogs, fb are all part of that learning experience. Quilters are some of the most generous people I know, sharing their knowledge freely.

CAM01438I’ve taken few classes over the years due to work, location and scheduling. When I take classes, I listen in to the instruction then want to (and usually) explore the technique on my own. I listen in for tips and hints, ask questions and pretty much want to, and need to, work on my own. None of the teachers I’ve taken classes from have ever said anything about it. The gift of taking classes is two-fold 1) getting to learn and hang out with quilters and 2) getting to hang out with the teachers. I’ve taken a couple of classes over the last few years just to see how other teachers teach. I’ve always thought I’m a bad student, however I’ve accepted that this is my learning style, by honoring that I end up getting more out of it.

My students teach me a lot as well. I feel, to some degree, I’m missing a some necessary component when I teach and in working on writing the book. So I’m coming to you and asking what you want in a class. Here’s the thing the comments must be positive and encouraging. Feel free to say I like this teacher and here’s why. Or I liked this class and here’s why. In the conversation with my friend she had some clear thoughts on what she wanted and needed in a class. I’m going to explore this more with her and a couple of other teachers as well.

Happy Quilting!


BERNINA 780 037“I’m afraid of my machine” is heard every now and again.
“I’m afraid I’m going to mess something up.”
“I’m afraid I’m going to. . . ”
While the possibility exists that damage can be done, it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to do major harm to the machine. And it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to do damage to ourselves either.

Just remember too with any new machine there is something of a getting to know you period. And each one of us has a slightly different way of learning. I’m one of those who just get in there and look around. One of the very best features on the 7 & 8 Series is the “?”…touch this and touch the screen for what information you need and information will come up.

I’ve seen some where I wish I’d snapped photos because it was kind of unbelievable. Like pins, 20 or so of those yellow headed quilting pins that were somehow shoved through one, or both, of the screw holes to the right of the needle.

On occasion hitting a pin can throw out the timing, this can happen on any machine, not only a BERNINA. Rule of thumb, remove pins before they get to the presser foot. If perfect piecing is essential to the quilt your making, just pause a stitch or two before the pin and remove it then.

B 780 select hove top left corner

However, the reality is that you really have to go some to do any serious damage to your BERNINA. These machines are made of sterner stuff. Even the screens are durable. While they need to be re-calibrated occasionally, unless the machine and the screen is cracked, it’s not a huge deal. There are descriptions for how to do this here and there, or have your tech walk you through this, if they can, over the phone.

It’s a great idea to make sure that the firmware is current. Visit the BERNINA site for your machine, look under the support tab for firmware version. Check your machine (I show you here for the B 710 and B 750 and here for the B 780) Updating the firmware is generally something we can do at home with a USB stick. Keeping the firmware up to date is important for the life of the machine as it often adjust something important. Some firmware updates need to be done by the tech as they may necessitate some hardware (internal) adjustments, when in doubt check with your dealer.

All in all…don’t be afraid of your machine.
Instead, please be EXCITED about all of the things you can learn about your machine! It’s amazing! And


Gratuitous Yarn Photo


???????????????????????????????I’ll finally get my laptop back tomorrow.

I’m attached to my laptop. I love having a laptop. I love having photos and pdf’s and patterns and my book. Yes, my book is on that laptop that I get back tomorrow.

Such a long time ago it seems that my laptop started acting up. Oh! It kinda was. The first hint was on March 31st. Picture it: it’s rainy, it’s cold. I’m sitting in Starbucks on the wifi enjoying facebook and winding down from my last day at the old job. I’m wasting time before meeting friends for dinner. And then it’s gone. I figure at that moment it’s the wifi. No big deal.

Over the next two weeks it’s in, it’s out. And for all intents and purposes my laptop becomes a desk top, tethered to the internet via one of those olde fashioned cables. Bang. Head. Here! Oh my. My local tech (aka sweetie) called the appropriate people to problem solve. His conclusion about 3 days before the problem solvers, “the wifi adapter”. After chatting with just the right person who said, “hey, it’s probably the wifi adapter” . . . it’s the wifi adapter. Sweetie spends some time backing up my hard drive in two separate places and the laptop gets sent back to hp. The laptop arrives home tomorrow. Then the fun will begin. And by fun I mean syncing some stuff I need for work on that laptop. My guess is that it’ll be faster than this one.

The laptop I’m currently using is ancient tech wise but still functional for what I need right now. But my book is on the other laptop. You know the one that will be home tomorrow?!!

sewbatik 001To do some of the work I needed a second monitor. Fun. Easy to install. Do this…do that…in this order…not that one….this one. Yes dear friends, I read the directions. I followed said directions. All cables appropriately plugged in. The monitor has the appropriate things on screen…monitor logo then windows startup logo then nothing. End up having a conversation with someone at Missouri Star. He gives me some suggestions. I follow said suggestions. This includes a thought that occurs to me when reading the manual. The I google the name of the monitor with power button and voila! The power button is not clearly marked. Shocking I know. The quick start guide and the manual give reference to the icons on the buttons on the bottom of the screen. None of these is on/off. With the help of google (what on earth would we do without search engines these days?) I found said power button and turned ON the monitor.

This monitor makes a huge difference in what I can see moving fabric swatches around on the screen. I then spent hours moving fabric swatches around on the screen. It was a productive day. Indeed.

To add to the production and feelings of accomplishment I had the chance to do some editing for Gen Q and made dinner. No need to alert the media for I’m it. HAhahaha. And let you forget I am a quilter, there will be quilting pics very soon. Even if it’s stash acquisition pics. I have added to my stash recently in some oh so fun ways.

Happy Quilting!


UPDATE my laptop is home! And working and I’m a happy quilter!


Lisa Calle OCQ eventI’m not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I’m not really at a loss at the moment it’s just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I’m slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me right now. I’m starting week two with Missouri Star, which I’m loving. With new work, full-time, everything changes, including the rhythm of the quilting routine.

So the other night I posed the question on facebook, “who are the quilterati in your life?” Quilterati is a play on the word, literati, with the meaning of “well educated”, “literate”, “in the know”. Then, as the play continues, there is glitterati with a meaning of “famous, wealthy, and attractive”. I,  personally, was going for a combination of the two meaning who are the important quilt people in your life. The first time I posed the question several people said me. I thank them so very much because that means a lot.

jake laughs againPosing the question the second time yielded a richer and deeper conversation that leads me to this post. Many of the names I knew:

Kim Brunner, Jamie Wallen, Karlee Porter, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, Sue McCarty, Janet Stone, Jackie Kunkle, Marilyn Badger, Karen McTavish, Linda V. Taylor, Lizzy House, Linda M. Poole, Maddie Kertay, Joe Cunningham, Ruth McDowell, Mickey DePre, Jim Salinas, Shelia Frampton-Cooper, Jake Finch, Melissa Thompson Maher, Mary Ellen Hopkins, Gwen Marston, Doreen Speckmann, Linda Hahn, Marianne Burr, Pokey Bolton, Dee Fox Cornell, Pamela Allen, Sue Brenner, Judi Madsen, Claudia Pfeil, Claudia Myers, Lisa H Calle, Mary Wilson Kerr, Ruth Powers, Cheryl Sleboda, Lynn Krawczyk, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Sherry Reynolds, Stephanie Forsythe, Luke Haynes, Melanie Testa, Lisa Sipes, Alex Veronelli, Bob Purcell, Debby Brown, Barb Persing, John Kubinec, Joe Callaham, Holice Turnbow, Bruce Magidson, Diane Magidson, Hollis Chatelaine, Paula Reid, Paula Nadelstern, Judy Niemeyer, Kristin Girod Rodriquez, Lesley Riley, Frances Holiday Alford, Jean Ray Luray, Pat Barry, Angela Walters, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Judy Coates Perez, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, David Butler, Bonnie Browning, Pepper Cory, Diane Gaudynski, Sue Nichols, Pat Holly, Phillip Jacobs, Kaffe Fasset, Renee Brown Haddadin, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Laurie Tigner, Mandy Leins, Marybeth Krapil, Brenda Groelz, Jane Dunnewold, Shannon Hicks, Sarah Ann Smith, Karen K Stone, Myrna Ficken, Patrick Lose, Brandy Lee, Jessica Darling, Jo Leichte, Jeanne Cook Delpit, Gayle Schleimann, Bill Volkening, Roderick Kiracofe, Kim Niedzwicki, Michael Dunn, Karen Cunagin, Bert Klimas, Renee Fleuranges-Valdes, Mary Anne Ciccotelli, Anne Frascarelli, Donna Chambers, Sandra Parrott, Barbara Brackman, Pat Campbell, Tracy Mooney, Jamie Mueller, Denise DeSantis, Melissa Kanovsky, Scott Hansen, Bev Mabry, Susan Schrott, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Nancy Rosenberger, Sally Bramald, Jane Monk, Kela Weathers, Chana Charles, Rob Appell, Jenny Doan, Donna Thomas, Christa Watson, my sweetie. . . .

Debby HandiQuilter Teri BERNINAOkay so this list…it’s just a beginning. I’m not even sure I grabbed all the names listed on the fb post. Part of the point is to take a moment and recognize the people in our life who have influenced our quilting world in some way.

One of the things I see is the breadth of the quilting world right there spanning the quilting world, it’s inclusive of all types of quilting, and those in the “business” of quilting from fabric designers to editors and the “behind the scenes” people. This list includes people who aren’t in the business directly but still support and encourage.

And who are the quilterati in your life?

I’m off to work here shortly, have a great! quilterly day.




not all who wander are lostThere is something lovely and exciting about the first week on any job. The new smells, the new bells, the shiny things. Nancy and I were chatting the other day she said it’ll take 6 months for me to really learn my job and I’m saying 9. Either way I’m beginning. And i like it. One of the greatest things is the constant encouragement, “if you have a question, please ask” or “if you mess something up, because it’s going to happen, just tell us”. There is a strong emphasis on supporting and having a safety net in place. I just had a chat with one of the big guys and found out that he loves Lord of the Rings. Sweet! I love to quilt to the extended versions of the movies. In my world there is nothing better. Except baseball. Yes, listening to the Yankee’s play baseball. Oh. Uh. Hmmmm. Oh…..that’s just a toss up, now isn’t it!

So I did say I’d do a post for my local peeps listing places to go for fabric, notions and sewing machine repair in our area. I reached out to my friend Amanda at Mariner’s Compass in Bath ME for a little help. Amanda is a brother dealer a has a fine quilt shop. If you’re in the area stop in for a bit of shopping and tell her Teri sent you. I called her the other day to chat with her about something else, she was laughing as she picked up the phone. Amanda was chatting with one of her friends about toilet paper rolls and whether or not her friend should use them for a project. My answer was absolutely! I use them to hold bias binding waiting for a quilt. Amanda’s friend still wasn’t convinced that toilet paper tubes were appropriate.

The district manager sent the following information:

PARAMUS SEWING CENTER – machines, notions
PARAMUS, NJ 07652-1271

SEW TIME quilt fabric, notions, machines

40 48 82ND STREET



The City Quilter quilt fabrics
133 W 25th St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 807-0390

Sew Right quilt fabric
223-20 Union Turnpike
Queens, NY 11364
(718) 468-5858

Pins & Needles quilt fabric
159 Lexington Ave.
Mt. Kisco, NY
(914) 666-0824

Happy Quilter quilt fabric7 Lake Ridge Plaza
Valley Cottage NY 10989
(845) 268-8744


For yarn and solid quilt fabrics

2106 Boston Post Road
Larchmont, NY 10538
(914) 341-1426

Our friend Donna Chambers has a fabulous exhibit there right now.

As for my teaching locally I’m going to talk with several of the local stores and see what I can work out. As soon as I have dates and times I’ll post.

And this morning I’m headed to The Quilt Spot to help them celebrate their anniversary! I get to hang out with Melissa K, one of the dynamic duo of Ad Sales Managers from Generation Q Magazine. This will be so much fun.

Happy Quilting!


tiara silkThis is a Thursday morning quickie.

What an exciting week! First, I started with Missouri Star on Tuesday. Squee! This chick is excited and overwhelmed and excited. I’m learning new things and getting to work with Nancy Rosenberger, who I admire so very much. This job is going to be an adventure that’s for sure. As I posted on fb yesterday, shopping isn’t as easy as it looks. Ha! I’ll post more as I can as I’m overwhelmed enough to be without a lot of words at the moment.

The other thing that happened, and is still a little shocking, is Hartsdale Fabrics closed. I did post this on fb earlier in the week with the letter the owners sent out as to why the store was closing.

What I am doing is gathering information on stores and dealers that folks can go to and will post that probably Saturday. I have a list of local BERNINA and brother dealers for all of your machine needs, and I’ll list quilt shops for your fabric needs.

Speaking of Saturday, The Quilt Spot is celebrating their anniversary and my GenQ peep Melissa K and I are heading over to help them celebrate. Melissa is one of our new dynamic duo of Ad Managers and fits right in with the whole snarky but kind and sweet. Melissa doesn’t have a blog, yet. I’m going to help her work on that. The other half of this duo is Jamie Mueller, I can hardly wait to meet her.

Have a great quilterly day




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