ally hand dyes orangeThe last few weeks there has been a tune running through my head.

You are the Sun
I am the Moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play Me.

I love the voice and the words. I can hear Neil singing in my head.

I know what fabric this will be stitched on
I have a good idea of thread color
I have no idea of the stitching, yet but that always happens

I’m giddy. I love it when quilt ideas gel in a way that gets my heart pumping and my feet dancing!

Happy Quilting!


weeks dye worksQuilting.
and more quilting.

Writing, quilting.


more quilting

In other words Over the next 8 weeks or so blogging will be kept to a minimum. One main post each week with one more pithy post a bit later.  I’m keeping it simple for a bit quilters.

Happy Quilting


One week in the Passion Planner

A number of quilters posted video on the kickstarter program for the Passion Planner. The calendars I would pick up here and there weren’t quite enough. Adequate, yes, but not quite enough. I ordered the 8 1/2 x 11 planner. Yep, it’s the big one, it will fit in my pocket book and back pack. Yes, my pocket book is that big. I made it that big 3 or 4 years ago so I could fit my laptop in it. It’s leather so it’ll have the stamina to survive being in my pocket book. Well I think so!

The first thing that will happen is Gen Q blog post days will go in! Book Dates will go in. Book quilting dates. (Those started) Book this and book that. Work time and family time and friend time. There’s place to make notes and draw and plan and dream and generally take care of myself and all that is currently in my life with a bit more to be added.



Tracy and me at the BERNINA Creative Center

Show us your undies frontOn Friday Tracy Mooney, Associate Editor and Kitten Wrangler with Generation Q Magazine is hosting Show us Your Undies Days for Girls Sew in at the BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, IL from 8:00 to 12:30. There is still time to RSVP on our event page you can get there by clicking on the Show Us Your Undies post card on the left.

Days for Girls gives women their lives back. Yes, I feel that strongly about it. It gives women their lives by allowing them to continue to go to school (if they’re in their teens) and go to work or take care of their family (if adults.) It’s a simple, achievable thing.

There is still time to sign up for this event or participate in any number of ways from sewing to donating wash cloths, small bars of soap and fabric to make kit bags for the girls. You can read our feature article here.

Happy Quilting!



book coverThank you all for commenting to win a copy of Julie’s book. I’m excited that I get to give a copy away

Congratulations!winner fabric book

#15 textilerecycler!

You’re the winner of a copy of Fabric Printing at Home

I know you’ll enjoy winning this book.

Happy Quilting!


tiara silk 1I don’t remember if I ever showed the full piece. A little taupe Radiance, a little silk batting, a little Superior Tiara Silk. Oh my. Have you seen this gorgeous variegated 50 weight silk thread? When they have the Tiara in the booth there will be a good chance that this little piece is in the booth. I am SMITTEN

Superior Threads Tiara Silk threa setI’m going to quilt to my hearts content because last night I purchased one of each. I ordered more thread however this one was so fun. 24 spools of Tiara silk will be here soon and the Big Quilt Idea.

Well the Big Quilt Idea I can’t show you but let me just say it’s going to be pretty.

Happy Quilting!


tiara nautilus



words on fridge writerI like writing days they end up being very creative. These are days that I can spend at the computer with few other distractions. I’ll need chocolate and food. And paper. I like to keep paper next to me when I write. I keep paper two write notes because, as Lynn Krawczyk reminds us often, Art Brain kicks in and I need to write down ideas that float into my head for the projects for the book. One of them has me all giddy. Well several of them actually have me giddy. Paper also means I can doodle. Doodling gives me the opportunity to stop and think clearly along the way and check in with myself. As I’m writing this I paused to write down a couple of quilt designs and order some thread and have a good chat with a good friend and my sisters and cousins. I am so grateful for fb messenger.

Have a great day friends.


Here’s one more of my quilting heros.

Word has it she’ll have a new book out soon, titled Wanderlust Quilts.

Happy Quilting!



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