Moon Set copyIn my head I’ve been writing this post for two weeks. Now it’s a reality. Tuesday was my last official day at Hartsdale Fabrics.
I want to assure you this is not an April Fools Joke.

In two weeks I start with Missouri Star Quilt Co. as a Purchasing Agent. I am really excited to start this new venture and learn more about this industry that I love so much. I’ll still be teaching, some at Hartsdale.

Nothing else changes: I’m still with Generation Q Magazine,  I’m still a BERNINA Ambassador and I’m still writing that book with C&T. And I’m still teaching machine quilting.

I’m off to get ready to speak at the Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild! I have two other gigs on the schedule that I’ll add to my teaching schedule page in the next few days. I just realized I haven’t updated that in quite a while.

Happy Quilting!


and Wow! does Debby Brown have exciting news.  She has a new Craftsy Class “Free-Motion Quilting with lines, curves, and loops” The techniques Debby presents are suitable for long arm, mid-arm (like the HandiQuilter Sweet 16) and the home sewing machine.  

There is an opportunity to win a free class. See Debby’s blog for details.

Congratulations Debby

Happy Quilting!



susan anne teri red white having funRemember the Red and White Quilt exhibit? This afternoon I went to a panel discussion with Paula Nadelstern, Roderick Kiracofe, Sue Reich and Elizabeth Warren. The conversation was so good that it continued for just long enough after for me to miss doing any shopping or quilt picture getting at. all. Can I just tell you how annoyed I am with myself at the moment? Well I am, but the conversation was well worth staying.

I did manage to get to the City Quilter not once, but twice. The first time I stopped by for a gift for a friend having a birthday today. The second time was with EB of Cocktails and Thread I enjoyed a lovely chat with her.  I take the express bus into the City, leaving me several blocks to walk. It’s a lovely walk. Today was something very special indeed. As I walked I was thinking about this and that. Good things. I was not, however, paying attention. Next thing I know I took a tumble. Yep, I tripped and fell right on the sidewalk. It was kind of a cool experience as I had no idea I tripped and just sort of fell to my right, did something of a somersault, had a bit of help to get up. And kept right on going watching where I was walking much more attentively.

I did find some delightful French fabric, that I didn’t get to buy. Because the show closed. Sigh. There’s always another show, somewhere.
Happy Quilting!




hand quilting 001Spending time quilting is a great joy. When I get to I relish each and every moment, particularly when I get lost in the stitching and lose track of what’s going on around me. It’s freeing, meditative, relaxing and joyous all in the same moment.

49-pieces-of-chocolat-flower-close-upQuilting wasn’t always that way. It was downright painful and hard. Sometimes things would be so awful that I’d knock my head on the front of the sewing machine or leave the room in sheer frustration. The tension was off the stitches were uneven, ranging from so tiny that no seam ripper ever invented would ever fit to toe catcher size. Pigtails formed on the back of the quilt as I’d stitch in one place for just a wee bit too long. I didn’t know how to fix it, any of it. It didn’t help that the common practice was floor it.
gizmos-tote-full-sizeEventually, with the help of friends, a class and sitting at the machine and spending time stitching the quilting improved. I quilted all kinds of fabrics. I started using better quality thread, the quilting improved.
I sat at the machine and stitched, the quilting improved.

tiara silkThe more I parked my behind at the machine and quilted the more I enjoyed what was happening, even when the seam ripper made an appearance.
I still carry around the first tote bag I ever machine quilted and made to carry my hand quilting. Comparatively speaking the quilting then and the quilting now are worlds apart. However I can see a huge difference between then and now. Seeing that difference will come over time and spending the time at the machine, experimenting.

Wednesday evening I’m speaking at the Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild. I’d love to see you there.

Happy Quilting!



was what I said to my sister and sister-in-love tonight. We supped at Tazzina in Forest Hills, Queens a place convenient to these two delightful characters. Personally my evening started with a call to the NY City 311 number to report a malfunctioning muni-meter. Parking right in front of the place I thought, “hey this is going to be a quick dash in” so didn’t bother putting on my jacket. Read: Cold Hands!

cranberry almond muffin

not short ribs or roasted bone marrow, but a food post needs a food picture

In reviewing the menu prior to arriving the Roasted Bone Marrow caught my attention and made it to the I have to have this right now part of my brain. The flavor, and buttery texture just had me drooling at the prospect. Taste buds set. Imagine my dismay when a menu change occurred and the Roasted Bone Marrow has moved to the specials list. I mean I understand the reasoning with my brain, however my taste buds, ah not so much. Sigh. Disappointment. sigh. We “settled” for the salumi and cheese board, a delight, sheer delight with almond honey, olives, and house-made caponata. Cheese and honey is a delight not to be missed, creating a sublime taste sensation not to be missed. Add a bit of salty ham and think Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally. That. Good.

At this point I’m still jonesing for that roasted bone marrow, when the waiter sets a beautiful braised short rib with a pecorino laced polenta, caramelized onions, and roasted brussels sprouts. This writer paused to revel in the beauty of this dish. All I can say is, this is a dish I would have again, and again, and again. This dish almost made up for the shocking lack of Roasted Bone Marrow. I am now beginning to understand, umami, the flavor word of the era, on all the best cooking shows. Rich, and flavorful, falling apart and sublime.

A shared dessert of a gelato trio including hazelnut, strawberry, and vanilla. My sister mentioned that her little one is loving vanilla right now and this gelato lent itself well to this kids current flavor preference. The vanilla served as something of a palate cleanser in between spoons-full of hazelnut and strawberry.

I’m still wanting that roasted bone marrow, but the rest of the food, the waiters, and more importantly the company made the whole experience something to be repeated over, and over again. I’m wondering though…do you think they have a priority call list to alert interested diners when the roasted marrow is available?

Happy Eating,



Who knew the proper way to use a seam ripper? I sure didn’t. Pam Damour, the Decorating Diva and BERNINA Ambassador shows proper technique and at the same time shows how to splice cording for home decorating projects. I’d always wondered how that happened and now get why there is that need for at least 1/8th yard extra when purchasing cording is essential, allowing for a really good, full join. The Aha! moment was priceless, I think you could read it right across my face. Thanks Pam for sharing this.

I’ve always loved my BERNINA seam ripper because it’s sharp and has a really fine tip. I’m loving my Alex Anderson 4-n-1 Essential Tool even more. It’s the same BERNINA seam ripper, a stiletto, pressing tool and pointer all in one. I like it even more because it’s a good feel in the hand. Being wood it’s kind of earthy.
To me as a quilter it’s important to have a good seam ripper for taking out machine quilting or wonky seams. It’s the eraser of the quilting/sewing world and a quilters best friend.


Getting up at 3:30 in the morning sometimes has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: watching to episodes of The Quilt Show: one with Hollis Chatelain (1207) and the most recent one with Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero (1504). Hollis’s episode confirmed that I’d love to take a class with her somewhere, some day to see how she quilts. Jeanie’s episode just inspires me in part because I love Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 and all that can be done with it, and in part because I can see some changes in my own quilting across her quilts. While getting up at 3:30 is not my time of choice there’s a bonus: I’m inspired. And I can see a bit more clearly yesterdays quilt coming into focus. I have 3 quilts ready to baste. But first, off to work.

Have a great day,


nybg orchid 8 Okay! these are not photos of the sunset. Ha! They are from the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens some time ago. The show is on now and I need to make plans to go as this and the mums and the roses and the train show are my fave.

nybg orchid 6Yesterday as I was driving from home to the Yonkers Phil concert an idea for a quilt gelled for me. I’m going to cut up fabric. (Shocking I know) Somehow keep in order. That’ll be the hard part. Quilt each piece. Then attach the pieces together. Sounds like quilt as you go doesn’t it. Well, um kind of but not.
It’ll be fun though!

nybg orchid 9Have a great Monday.



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