Lynn Krawczyk inkedSeriously.
Get Inked.

Get it?



Lynn Krawczyk’s new fabric line with Red Rooster. Hopefully soon to be at quilt shops across the nation, no the world. I’m hoping for world fabric domination. Okay not really but I love this line of fabric.

I finally met Lynn at Quilt Market in the fall. She’s adorable, has a smile to beat the band and intense kind eyes and is fun-sized. Some of my very favorite fb posts have to do with Art Brain and paint flinging. Oh and I can’t forget the coffee posts. You know how much I love coffee. My love for coffee pales in comparison. Seriously. And if you hadn’t guessed I’m smitten with Inked. it’s not just that it’s Lynn’s fabric line and that it’s different. The colors speak to my quilterly sensibilities. So when Lynn asked if I’d participate in a blog hop I said yes. A few days later these materialized on my door step.  Okay, they really showed up in the mail. It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to make for the block. It had to be fun and different.

inked brown

inked lime brown


inked oranges

inked writing teal

Inked washers






my block for Lynn K inked

So here’s the block I made for her quilt. And if I do this right here are the directions for the block: Inked block directions pdf

Over on Lynn’s blog she’s having daily interviews of each of the blog hipsters:

March 2 – Susan Brubaker Knapp

March 3 – me

March 4 – Jessica Darling

March 5  – Debbie Grifka

March 6 -Lynn Carson Harris

March 7 – Jen Osborn

March 8 – Lynn for Susan Atwell

March 9 – Flaun Cline

March 10 – Lynn Krawczyk

March 11 – Cheryl Sleboda

March 12 – Maddie Kertay

March 13 – Lynn Krawczyk

March 14 – Winner!!!

And yes! there is an opportunity to win a bundle of fat quarters at each stop…including this one. Just answer me one question quilterly peeps: what would you make with Inked? A skirt? Shirt? Nifty tote bag? A quilt? On March 14 I’ll have a hot date with the random number generator and select a winner.
So stop by each one of the bloggers, get the directions for their blocks and enter for an opportunity to win their fq bundle. Word has it that Lynn has some extra fun on her blog. Oh and if you head over there you can see the quilt.

Happy Quilting!


ally hand dyes orangeThe last few weeks there has been a tune running through my head.

You are the Sun
I am the Moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play Me.

I love the voice and the words. I can hear Neil singing in my head.

I know what fabric this will be stitched on
I have a good idea of thread color
I have no idea of the stitching, yet but that always happens

I’m giddy. I love it when quilt ideas gel in a way that gets my heart pumping and my feet dancing!

Happy Quilting!


One week in the Passion Planner

A number of quilters posted video on the kickstarter program for the Passion Planner. The calendars I would pick up here and there weren’t quite enough. Adequate, yes, but not quite enough. I ordered the 8 1/2 x 11 planner. Yep, it’s the big one, it will fit in my pocket book and back pack. Yes, my pocket book is that big. I made it that big 3 or 4 years ago so I could fit my laptop in it. It’s leather so it’ll have the stamina to survive being in my pocket book. Well I think so!

The first thing that will happen is Gen Q blog post days will go in! Book Dates will go in. Book quilting dates. (Those started) Book this and book that. Work time and family time and friend time. There’s place to make notes and draw and plan and dream and generally take care of myself and all that is currently in my life with a bit more to be added.


tiara silk 1I don’t remember if I ever showed the full piece. A little taupe Radiance, a little silk batting, a little Superior Tiara Silk. Oh my. Have you seen this gorgeous variegated 50 weight silk thread? When they have the Tiara in the booth there will be a good chance that this little piece is in the booth. I am SMITTEN

Superior Threads Tiara Silk threa setI’m going to quilt to my hearts content because last night I purchased one of each. I ordered more thread however this one was so fun. 24 spools of Tiara silk will be here soon and the Big Quilt Idea.

Well the Big Quilt Idea I can’t show you but let me just say it’s going to be pretty.

Happy Quilting!


tiara nautilus



Today I’m starting with links to Mandy Leins interview of quilter and quilt show judge Scott Murkin. While the focus is Modern Quilting, Scott’s answers apply across the board
Interview part 1

Interview part 2

On the Generation Q blog a traveling quilt teacher (me) opens her diary for all to read.

#NoMeanGirls Over the last few days, oh to be honest it’s been a long time, I’ve been watching some really ugly posts on fb directly related to the quilt world comments about quilts winning awards that in someone’s mind shouldn’t have, or how shows or magazines choose to do their work or run the show. Sometimes I slip and make comments that perhaps I shouldn’t, however over the last few years I’ve tried to take the posture that if I can not say something kind or productive or constructive then I should keep my mouth shut and my words not written. WE are all human, with our beautiful and unique qualities. We all quilt in a different and unique way. We can appreciate what other quilters do. We can approach things we disagree with in a manner that is respectful and kind. It does take work, it takes effort. And it takes work and effort to not be trampled over either.

While the hashtag is no mean girls this applies to all quilters. All of us. If we need to vent (and sometimes we do) then do it in an appropriate place, with a good trusted friend.

So every post for the next few weeks will express gratitude for quilters who have influenced me over the years in one way or another. First up: Kim Brunner. And then there is Renee, Sandra, Mary Anne, Cathy, Donna and Susan. Thank you all.

Happy Quilting!



Paula and me Little Italy dessert firstI’m working on prettying up an interview with Paula Reid that’s been in the works for a while. In the meantime I watched Paula’s Craftsy Class Start Machine Quilting with Paula Reid with the intent of giving it a review. You all know that I love Paula very much in part because she’s just a kind woman but in part because she took me under her wing at my very first national teaching gig and nurtured me along. I will be forever grateful for that.

About a 100 years ago Paula was a guest on a then popular quilting show. Her machine quilting episode is one I’d go back and watch now. Paula’s approach to machine quilting – essentially shoving a quilt into the machine, smoothing out around the needle (fluff and stuff) and stitching really spoke to me and influenced how I quilt and how I teach quilting.

Over the last few days I’ve watched her Craftsy class with great interest. As a teacher I’m looking for things I can pass onto my students. As a student I’m looking for tips and techniques I can bring into my own machine quilting. Start Machine Quilting has everything a beginner quilter needs to get started well and improve skill pretty quickly. One thing I like a lot is that Paula pin bastes the quilt and you get to see her method and why it works. One of the things she gets to do is start dealing with anything in the quilt that might be a little off during the basting process.

Paula shows how she deals with the bulk of a quilt, using her lap to carry the weight of the quilt as she gets started and then through the quilting process. This is one of the things that we all struggle with, particularly when we are new to machine quilting. The good thing about the Craftsy class is that you get to SEE how this is done. The camera work is fab.

One of the cooler things is Paula shows how she uses the walking foot (even feed foot) for doing the stitch in the ditch work. The walking foot is a tool every quilter needs and this falls into the note to self – get the walking foot for your machine. The coolest thing is the lesson on using stencils. This is worth the price of the class. Paula uses the stencils to add beautiful motifs to the quilt AND to figure out the stitching path as she is marking the quilt top.

The best thing about Paula’s class, it’s Paula. You get to see her and how she teaches. Paula is engaging and fun in real life and this comes across in the class. So here’s my honest opinion as a quilting teacher, if you get a chance – take this Craftsy class with Paula. You get the knowledge of a quilter who has years and over 1500 quilts of experience. That is priceless!

Happy Quilting!


First up…a moment of hilarity

tiny bubbes on my quiltThe second thing I do after turning on the sewing machine is turn on the tunes, a movie, a book on CD, something for background noise. Why the second? I like the sound of the machine as it boots up…the gears and everything calibrating. It’s so cool.
I have probably 30 to 40 stations on Pandora that are rather eclectic. It ranges from Matt Maher and Rich Mullins to Hootie and the Blowfish (Darius Rucker) and James Taylor to Daft Punk and Crash Test Dummies. Adele and Pink, Florence + the Machine and Maroon 5. Yep, it’s wide ranging. A lot will depend on my mood and how intensely I’m quilting. If it’s really intense I’ll change stations quite frequently until I find just the right thing. Sometimes it’s a wee bit mellower like Gotye.
If I’m feeling rather nostalgic that’s when I head for James Taylor or Karen Carpenter. I’ve enjoyed Karen’s voice since I was young.
I listen to different music when I’m writing…and again it depends on how intense the writing or my mood.
dupioni whole cloth playtime my brain on quiltingI watched tv on my computer for a little while or sometimes will watch movies. When I finished up Quantum Leap I marathon watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy of movies at least 3 times. Yes there’s that much stitching in that quilt.
I do suggest having something playing in the background while quilting for a couple of reasons
1) it reduces our personal physical tension as we stitch by providing us with something else to pay attention
2) it lessens the negative loop in our thinking – uh yeah we all have that, “this looks like crap” loop that runs through our heads
3) we do have brains that multi-task to some degree – by giving our brain something else to focus on we can relax and just stitch

off to stitch!



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